November Moments and upcoming mentoring service


After a busy few weeks in the field, followed by a four-flight hop (or, rather, series of hops) from Dakar in Senegal to Bangalore in India, I’m writing to share my Moments of November with you. As you’re surely by now aware, these come from my ‘Moment of the Day’ feature, in which I publish one image every single day on the Robin Wyatt Vision Facebook page.

This feature has continued to prove extremely popular, and it has helped drive my Facebook fan base to over 800 in under four months. I’ve noticed that among these new fans there are a lot of photography enthusiasts, and I’ve been touched by how many have written to me to say that they admire my work. Many have even asked whether I can help them improve. I’ve therefore decided to offer a new mentoring service to help budding photographers develop their photographic vision. It won’t be a technical course (there are plenty of those already available elsewhere). I’m talking about how we communicate through our images. This is a subject of both subtlety and depth, and I find that it’s seldom given the importance it deserves.

I’ll be announcing more about this service shortly. The trigger point will be when my fan base passes 1,000 fans. At this point, I’ll be launching a competition, the winners of which will receive free mentoring. If you are interested in having a chance to be one of my first students for absolutely nothing, go ahead and spread the word about my Facebook page! If you’ve already ‘liked’ it, you can paste the link to your wall:

Thanks for your continued support! I hope you’ll enjoy last month’s ‘moments’:

20111116 IMG17064 November Moments and upcoming mentoring service

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