Postcard from Fort Aguada, Goa

I wouldn’t quite call it an annual pilgrimage, but it’s verging on that… I was recently in Goa, and I have this postcard for you:

travel photography india goa fort aguada 26118 Postcard from Fort Aguada, Goa

A postcard from Fort Aguada in the Indian state of Goa.


Fort Aguada is a 17th Century Portuguese fortification. It was constructed in 1612 to guard against Dutch and Maratha forces. It also served as a reference point for ships coming from Europe, which would stop here to replenish their water supplies. ‘Aguada’ means ‘water’, and the cover of the fort’s massive freshwater storage area can be seen in the centre of this shot. Located behind this, the fort’s lighthouse – added in 1864 – is the oldest of its kind in Asia.

If you’re heading in this direction, I highly recommend a stay (or at least an evening poolside drink) at Vivanta by Taj, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the fort.

Happy Diwali 2012 from India

Here’s a quick (somewhat belated) Diwali postcard for you from India!

india happy diwali 2012 26240 Happy Diwali 2012 from India

Happy Diwali 2012!


No, this is not bad Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator work. This is the handiwork of Arthur deFreslon (see his spooky face on the right?) and his keyring torch! It was shot at f/16, 30 sec, 200 ISO. A very happy Diwali from India to all of you.