Postcard from Coonoor’s tea plantations

Yesterday, I sent you a postcard of South India’s Nilgiri Hills (or ‘Blue Mountains’) at dusk. Today, I’ve been continuing my ramblings around these parts, using the hill station of Ooty as my base. (If you’re ever in these parts, I thoroughly recommend staying at the I-India Eco Lodge. The views, tranquility and friendly helpfulness of the owners are hard to beat.) Ooty is one of three such hill stations – summer retreats of the British during the Raj – in this area, and today I’ve been mostly exploring neighbouring Coonoor and its environs.

travel landscape photography tea plantation india tamil nadu nilgiris blue mountains coonoor ooty 28708 Postcard from Coonoors tea plantations

A tea picker’s view of a Coonoor tea estate.


As you can see, this is tea country. I love how the light was cast over the mid-ground in this shot. It’s too bad there were no tea pickers in the area at the time! (I could of course have Photoshopped one into the bottom left of the image, but that would have been contrived.)

Postcard from the Blue Mountains

This weekend, I’m visiting South India’s Nilgiri Hills. Known in English as the ‘Blue Mountains’, these are part of the larger Western Ghats mountain chain. Some say that these hills got their name from the smoky haze that frequently envelopes the area, while others contend that it relates to the kurunji flower, which blooms only once every twelve years and gives a bluish tinge to the slopes. Personally, I think these varying shades of dark blue are enough of a reason!

travel landscape photography india tamil nadu nilgiris blue mountains night 28628 Postcard from the Blue Mountains

Dusk falls over the Blue Mountains in Southern India.


I shot this image at dusk (I didn’t have my tripod with me, unfortunately) from a place that used to be popular for shooting scenes for Hindi and Tamil movies. You might have their heroines’ dupattas fluttering in the wind as they sang of their undying love for garishly dressed moustachio’d heroes. This is what the hillside looks like during the daytime, though it’s the backdrop that so greatly enthused film directors.