Another Facebook milestone – 10,000 likes and counting

I seem to have done it again. Not even five months after I posted here to say that my my Facebook page had touched 5,000 ‘likes’, and that number has doubled! Today, it welcomed its 10,000th fan, Emrun Faroque Anik, who works at the Daily Sagor Desh in Bangladesh’s southern port town of Cox’s Bazar. If this continues, I’ll probably need to task a social media company with managing my page! (I’m not even sure that I’m joking… feel free to make me an offer.)

10000 facebook fans Another Facebook milestone   10,000 likes and counting


So, once again, cheers Facebook and a massive thank you to each and every one of my 10,000 ‘likers’! I should probably also take the opportunity to apologise to you that things have been a bit quiet on the page of late, what with all my running around the world. If you’re anxious for more, feel free to sign up here for my monthly newsletter. That way, you’ll never miss a trick.

Postcard from Chamrajnagar, South India

It’s time to wrap up my work with Mobility India‘s inspiring and dedicated team in Karnataka, at least for now (assuming all goes according to plan, I’ll be back here several more times over the next few years). Though I’m actually posting this card to you from Bangalore, where I’ve come to photograph the staff in training with The Teacher Foundation (TTF), the photograph was taken in the field in Chamrajnagar.

humanitarian development travel culture photography india karnataka chamrajnagar girls doorway 32954 Postcard from Chamrajnagar, South India

Girls in a doorway, Chamrajnagar: a postcard from South India.


As I was composing a shot of a community survey being taken using an innovative mobile application developed by Aptivate, these three curious little girls came to see what was going on. They added some real colour and context to my backdrop. So I quickly assured the staff who were assisting me that there was no need to ask them to move. Once my work was done, I asked the three young ladies if it would be alright for me to shoot this close-up of them, and they were delighted to oblige!