Eradicating Polio – Coffee table book showcasing CORE-PCI’s impact in India

In response to popular demand, I’m proud to bring you the coffee table book I was commissioned to produce by PCI India. Simply click where it says ‘Click to read’ and it’ll fill your screen. To get an even closer look, and to enjoy it in glorious high resolution, click again anywhere on the page of the book and you’ll get a zoomed in view.

Together with their partners CORE Group, PCI have an incredible story to tell, one that I feel truly privileged to have been asked to help bring to life. India hasn’t seen a new case of polio since January 2011, and CORE-PCI’s methods and the tireless work of their field teams have been a huge part of the reason for this, at least in those parts of North India observed to be the most ‘high-risk’.

Through this book, you can get up close and personal views of pretty much every aspect of CORE-PCI’s work on polio eradication. You’ll meet the organisations’ big thinkers, the doers on the ground, the children who’ve become ‘agents of change’, imams who’ve helped overturn distrust of the polio vaccine in Muslim-dominated areas, migrant populations whose immunisation histories are hard to track and many more. And as you’d expect from anything by me, the story is told primarily through it’s visuals. There are over 100 huge images, set full bleed across the 30 cm x 30 cm square pages, with brief accompanying narratives sharing what I was told first-hand by those I then photographed.

This book is more than a celebration of a major accomplishment. It is also packed with lessons learned, which may hopefully be of use to those still fighting this crippling disease in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. As such, it has the potential to serve as a real tool for change. Please therefore feel free to share it far and wide. Thank you!

Postcard from the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, DC

Today, I visited the Smithsonian National Zoo in the United States’ capital, Washington, DC. If you know anything about me and my photography, it will not surprise you that my postcard to you features not an animal – not even the famous giant panda Mei Xiang or her new cub – but a little person. Meet Maxwell Gedan, aged 1.

travel photography usa washington dc smithsonian national zoo child aquarium 35749 Postcard from the Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, DC

Maxwell explores the Smithsonian National Zoo’s Amazonia Exhibit


I met Maxwell at the zoo’s Amazonia Exhibit, where he was pressed up against the glass of its massive aquarium, fascinated by what he saw before him. “We spent August in Panama”, his father Benjamin told me. “Maxwell shared his backyard with 11 roosters and hens, agoutis, armadillos and hummingbirds. Nearby, atop Ancon Hill, he visited a nature reserve overlooking the Panama Canal that’s home to sloths and toucans”. The little boy was clearly in his element among nature. “When we returned home to Washington, DC”, Benjamin continued, “we wanted to make sure Maxwell still got plenty of time with wildlife. So that’s why we came to the see the Amazonia Exhibit today”.