EveryChild – Images from Malawi and Russia

Towards the end of 2013, I undertook a couple of assignments for UK-based children’s charity EveryChild in two dramatically different settings, Malawi and Russia. Through this post, I have pleasure in sharing the resulting images.

EveryChild Malawi

While working for EveryChild in Malawi, I felt like I was getting a bit of a tour of the country as well, from the capital city Lilongwe to small villages on the Zambian border located many hours from the nearest sealed road. I met children like Solister (below) who’d been supported out of child labour and into school; children who are being raised by their grandparents because their parents are either away earning money for their families in South Africa or because their lives have been claimed by AIDS; children who’ve returned to their families after living rough on the streets; chiefs who’ve been supported in establishing local by-laws to combat child marriage; girls who’ve escaped child marriages and are now pursuing their dreams through formal schooling; and so many more. You can CLICK THE IMAGE below to view all 150 images for yourself.

 EveryChild   Images from Malawi and Russia



Partnership for Every Child in Russia

In Russia, the experience was very different. EveryChild as an international charity handed over responsibility for its work in Russia some years ago to Partnership for Every Child (P4EC), an independent Russian NGO. My photography was confined to the city of St Petersburg, where I visited a number of families where P4EC had been working to ensure that children were able to stay with their families in spite of challenging circumstances, rather than being placed in institutions. Several of these children – like Eva (below) who has Downs Syndrome – live with disabilities or other special needs. Others have parents who’ve fought addictions and complicated legal scenarios. Again, CLICK THE IMAGE below to view the gallery’s 107 images.

 EveryChild   Images from Malawi and Russia