EGPAF – Supporting Malawian CBOs working on HIV/AIDS

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) works in 15 countries around the world with a primary focus on preventing mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of the HIV virus. Malawi has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV infection, recently standing at 10 percent of the population; women and children account for the majority of new infections here. For several years, EGPAF has been working to strengthen the capacity of six community-based organisations: Life Concern in Rumphi, FOCCAD in Nkhotakota, RISE Malawi and GMHD in Lilongwe, Youth Impact in Liwonde and Badilika Foundation in Blantyre. As they are coming to the end of this project, they decided to engage me to help these organisations tell their stories. The material I’ve put together, consisting of high resolution images, visual stories and audiovisual presentations, will be invaluable as the CBOs reach out to others to support them on the road ahead.

Gallery of images

You can see a sample image from this assignment right here. It was taken for a CBO called Life Concern (or LICO for short), and features Queen Mkdawine and her son Glad, who live in Bolero, near Rumphi. A recent attack of malaria landed Queen in the hospital, and she was encouraged to undergo testing for HIV during her internment. At the time she was diagnosed with the virus, she was three months pregnant. Key to PMTCT is ensuring that the mother, while pregnant and then while breastfeeding, can maintain a high level of nutrition. This builds up the child’s immunity and chances of battling transmission, while simultaneously allowing the mother to live a healthier life herself. LICO helped Queen in this by providing her with a goat for milk, along with seeds to ensure she had a stock of nutritious foods during pregnancy and beyond. “I am living a happy and a healthy life”, Queen asserts, adding with pride that her son has remained HIV-negative.

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