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To communicate through powerful and evocative images that serve as tools in building bridges, fostering greater understanding and ultimately making our beautiful world a better place to live in.



My humanitarian and environmental work is guided by a vision of beauty and hope for a better tomorrow that applies to humanity and planet alike. As a visual peacemaker, I create compelling images that convey this vision, empowering the disadvantaged, inspiring ordinary people to take action and helping agents of change to make a positive difference.

I believe that travel through responsible tourism can change the way we see others, enhancing understanding of what unites us as humans despite those diversities in culture that make our world so rich. My travel and culture photography serves this vision, installing in the viewer a burning desire to experience what s/he sees firsthand.


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My background

Though photography has been a lifelong passion of mine, I have not always been a photographer. Click here to read about my journey into this career.

Some look at my adult life and conclude that I’m essentially itinerant. I left the UK for Asia when I was just 18, and have spent over half of my adult life living, working and travelling overseas. I’ve spent time in almost 70 countries, spread across all of the world’s continents except Antarctica. This background has taught me important lessons. The world we live on is so vast and diverse, and yet everywhere I go I find that certain core aspects of humanity are universal. First among these are our tremendous capacity to love and our potential to do good. We also have similar needs: to be treated well by others, to belong, to develop and grow, and so on. I’ve found these lessons invaluable as a humanitarian and travel photographer.

I have an academic background to doctoral level, and lived in India for six years, where I worked first for a human rights NGO and later carried out social research for international development organisations. My PhD and subsequent book, Broken Mirrors (see below) focused on dowry, domestic violence and wife murder in that country, and required over a year of extensive interviewing with both complainants and defendants. I became an expert at using minimum impact techniques to get under the skin and beyond silences to understand what was really at the root of couples’ problems.

What I enjoyed most in my work as a social researcher was piecing together people’s stories. In my new role as a photographer, or ‘visual storyteller’, the same rapport-building and interviewing skills are two of my strongest non-technical assets.


Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors Front cover ABOUTTo read about the importance of my experience of researching and writing this book in my journey to becoming a visual peacemaker, click here. You will also find a review of the book written for The Hindu, one of India’s most well-respected newspapers. The following is the blurb that appears on the back of the book:

Robin Wyatt, with Nazia Masood, investigates why the spectre of ‘dowry death’ continues to haunt Indian society even a decade into the 21st Century, urging readers to look beyond the obvious. The narrative, as it effortlessly turns its gaze from the story of a survivor of domestic violence to that of one accused of the crime, smashes the conventional image of so-called ‘dowry deaths’. It picks up each of the shattered pieces of the mirror and looks into them closely, and what emerges is a complex portrait of a society where marriage counselling remains taboo and inaccessible to large sections of the population, where the quest for ‘justice’, armed with powerful, ‘pro-women’ anti-dowry laws, brushes aside the truth behind the breakdown of many a perfect marriage.

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‘Robin Wyatt Vision’ is a trading name of Robin Wyatt, who is registered for tax purposes in the UK. Robin is a London-based photographer who accepts assignments globally.