Why hire Robin Wyatt for humanitarian and environmental photography?

Work with me because…


… I create powerful images that forward progress through fostering greater understanding in the world.


Humanitarian and Environmental Photography

Visual peacemaking portfolio:

The world’s great photographers excel at what they do primarily because they are able to express their personal visions through their photography. I take this a step further in my humanitarian and environmental work because my passion lies in merging photographic and philanthropic vision. That is, I dovetail the concepts of ‘vision’ in photography and ‘vision’ in making a difference.

My vision is of humanity united in peace, living in harmony with our planet. It is a beautiful image. Using photography, I emphasise our commonalities and try to break down pre-conceived notions and stereotypes. Communication through powerful imagery can help dispel ignorance of what unites us and usher forth understanding far faster than words. When differences are reconciled, this is visual peacemaking.

As a humanitarian and environmental photographer, I work with a variety of types of client with one thing in common: they all want to make the world a better place. This includes development organisations, companies’ corporate citizenship / corporate social and environmental responsibility departments and private philanthropists.


Humanitarian photography

Humanitarian IMG10969a Why hire Robin Wyatt for humanitarian and environmental photography?

Some humanitarian photographers communicate terrible visions of despair: of people in pain, diseased, starving and dying. The assumption somehow seems to be that this is what the market wants. I, however, prefer to communicate hope because I believe in the resilience of the human psyche and our common determination to triumph over adversity. It really takes a lot for any of us to give in and wait for death to swallow us, though we may sometimes need others’ assistance to help us reach our full potential.

Rather than seeking to sell to a news market that demands tragedy and horror, I prefer to contribute to the campaigns of those that want to make a difference. By communicating a vision of hope, I feel I can strengthen the messages of those who help the disadvantaged secure empowerment, restored dignity and a belief in a better tomorrow.


Environment and climate change photography

Environment 00120009 Why hire Robin Wyatt for humanitarian and environmental photography?

My interest in environmental issues connects strongly with my humanitarian agenda and people-related expertise. My work takes place at the interface between planet Earth and the societies that populate her. I am particularly concerned about climate change, which has already begun harming poorer countries before others, thereby posing a great threat to their hopes for development. In these parts of the world, greater numbers are exposed and defenceless, such as those who live in sprawling slums that spill onto vulnerable floodplains and those who live on small islands just a metre or two above sea level. These people are less likely to have a safety net in the form of insurance, savings and alternative livelihood possibilities.

When disaster strikes, the damage is not only environmental; by extension, it is also social, economic and political as pressures on natural resources become compounded. Spin-off effects, in the form of increased migration and water-related disputes, for example, could very easily lead to conflicts in future, perhaps even violent clashes. There is therefore a clear need, as is increasingly being recognised, to incorporate environmental issues into the development agenda.

Through my photography, I support those who contribute towards meeting this need through activism, corporate environmental responsibility programmes, awareness campaigns and climate change adaptation strategies.


What can I do for you?

To learn exactly what I can do in your field, read under the appropriate panel below:

Development Why hire Robin Wyatt for humanitarian and environmental photography?

DEVELOPMENT: My images will directly help your organisation raise money because they are powerful, engaging and positive. They will inspire in your audience the belief that your work really can make a difference because I focus on hope, not on despair; on what you are able to achieve, not on what needs to be done. My work can also make a strong contribution to education and awareness campaigns, because my photos speak directly to those that see them and engage with them on a very human level. I connect with my subjects as an equal, which allows me to bring down barriers of ‘other-ness’ and, in turn, ensures that those who see my images feel similarly connected.

Corporate citizenship Why hire Robin Wyatt for humanitarian and environmental photography?

CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP: I can help your brand develop its reputation as a corporate citizen, essential in today’s business climate, by working closely with your corporate social and environmental responsibility teams. My images serve as compelling communication tools, inspiring conviction in your target audience that you are doing your bit to make this world a better place. I will start my assignment by consulting with you on your company’s vision for change, then set out to capture images that convey this vision more vividly and persuasively than is possible in words. I can also help produce stimulating and uplifting educational material for beneficiaries of your initiatives.

Philanthropy Why hire Robin Wyatt for humanitarian and environmental photography?

PHILANTHROPISTS AND CHANGE-MAKERS: I have strength in helping influential people see pathways for their visions to become realities. Come to me as a vision holder, with ideas about ways in which you would like to see the world make progress, and I will help you see how you can become a world changer. In other words, I will assist you in developing the legs and feet on which you can run with your ideas. The second phase of my work for vision holders lies in marketing your visions through images that you commission me to create. The right images can help multiply visions from the consciences of vision holders into the hearts and minds of others, and stir them to act.