Why hire Robin Wyatt for travel and culture photography?

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… my images capture people, places and cultures’ essences, giving viewers a thirst for personal experience.


Travel and Culture Photography

Travel and culture portfolio:

I have always been a keen exponent of independent travel. I have been engaging in it myself since I was just 15, and I see it as a means both to grow personally and to put oneself more in touch with the world of which one is organically a part. I have become adept at adapting quickly to new and challenging circumstances, and at finding means of getting from A to B via seemingly obscure, little-known places and by unusual and adventurous means.

I have always travelled with my camera, yet I’ve been careful not to experience what is around me only through my lens. I first take time to get to know and understand the people and places I’m visiting, leaving my camera to one side. When I eventually start to shoot, I explore the foreground, mid-ground and background, allowing me to share depth of perspective with those who ultimately view my images.

I have spent time in close to 70 countries spread across six continents (that’s all of them except Antarctica). But this really isn’t a numbers game. I try to stay long enough to get under the skin of every new place. I get to know the local people, and am always full of questions that will help me glean insights with which I can add depth to my photography.


What can I do for you?

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Magazines IMG 4935 Why hire Robin Wyatt for travel and culture photography?

MAGAZINES: My lively, colourful and engaging images fit naturally into dedicated travel magazines, newspapers’ travel supplements, in-flight magazines, periodicals focused on culture, etc. They really speak to their viewers, fascinating them, luring them in and urging them to read more. I can either work with writers you appoint to provide accompanying text or, as an accomplished writer, I can do this myself.

Tour companies IMG 5578 Why hire Robin Wyatt for travel and culture photography?

TOUR COMPANIES: By commissioning my photography, you’ll gain first class promotional content. I will work closely with your team from the beginning, making sure I understand your aims and drawing up a strategy to meet them. Whether you need pictures for your website, brochures, billboards or mailshots, my images will whet the appetite of your target audience, proving a powerful tool to boost your business.

Tourism promotion IMG 6845 Why hire Robin Wyatt for travel and culture photography?

TOURISM PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS: I work with both national and local tourism authorities who commission me to capture stunning images that will draw more visitors to their destinations. I deliver lively and positive work that communicates feel-good messages. Because I get under the skin in every new place I visit, my pictures give a very up front and personal insight into what it’s like to go there.