Concern Universal in Malawi – Promoting the National Cookstove Taskforce

Concern Universal, supported by IrishAid, forms the Secretariat to Malawi’s National Cookstove Taskforce. The Taskforce was convened following the Government of Malawi’s decision to set a target of two million energy efficient cookstove users by 2020. I was engaged because Concern Universal and IrishAid saw a clear need for robust and compelling media material to support the Taskforce’s efforts to build support for the planned programme. In addition to the archive of captioned images I gathered (see below), I was also asked to design and provide content for a range of leaflets targeted at both national and international audiences, to write an article on the multiple benefits of the move towards cleaner cookstove usage nationwide (which may be turned into a presentation) and to design a logo for the Taskforce based on one of my images.

Gallery of images

Solofina (pictured below) is one of 18 members of the Kauma Stove Production Group in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. The ability to generate income in this way has made a big difference to the group’s 12 women, as it has elevated their positions back home in the household. This is one of the many advantages of improved cookstove production that are perhaps less than immediately obvious, and one of my key tasks was to draw out and amplify these advantages across the promotional material I was producing. You can CLICK THE IMAGE to view all 60 images in a gallery of photographs from this assignment. Usage rights may be purchased for all of these photographs, but note that ‘© Robin Wyatt’ must be stated.

humanitarian development concern universal malawi national cookstove taskforce stove group 46602 Concern Universal in Malawi   Promoting the National Cookstove Taskforce

CLICK THE IMAGE to explore the gallery.

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