Concern Universal – Sugar and WASH in Malawi

Following my successful cookstoves work for Concern Universal in Malawi, I recently delivered on two more assignments there for the organisation, this time in the fields of capacity building (specifically for sugar farmers) and water, sanitation and hygiene (known in the development sector as ‘WASH’). You can click the images below to view all 75 images in the two galleries of photographs from these assignments. Usage rights may be purchased for all of these photographs, but note that ‘© Robin Wyatt’ must be stated. Prints at a wide range of sizes, as well as other products, may also be ordered.

Building Capacity in Sugar

The main objective of Concern’s capacity building project for Malawi’s sugar workers is to reduce poverty through comprehensive training and development designed to bring improved industry efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. The organisation engaged me to help them develop a brochure that will boost the project’s visibility. I have structured its content around high-impact visuals, with text drawn from interviews with a wide range of stakeholders that documents the project’s methods, its impact on growers, their communities and the sugar industry in general, and the lessons learned over the course of project implementation. CLICK THE IMAGE below to see the 43 images captured for this assignment:

Concern Universal Illovo Malawi Dwangwa sugar cane farmer 53282 Concern Universal   Sugar and WASH in Malawi

CLICK THE IMAGE to explore the gallery.

Making WASH Work

Concern’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme is one of its oldest in Malawi. Its activities started during the early 1990s, as civil conflicts and political instability in the region brought increasing numbers of migrants to the country, forcing the issue of safe water provision in its refugee camps. As the NGO’s activities evolved and shifted in orientation towards long-term development, its WASH programme took an integrated and participatory approach towards the promotion of safe water supply, hygiene and sanitation, and emphasised capacity building for all stakeholders. The WASH team engaged me in order to improve its visibility to a cross-section of stakeholders, especially donors, WASH executing agencies and the Malawian Government. I was asked for a coffee table style book that would speak largely through its images and document the general WASH scope of work, Concern’s borehole drilling process, good practices and innovations, and the impact it’s achieved. CLICK THE IMAGE below to see the 32 images captured for this assignment:

Concern Universal Malawi Dowa WASH engineers 53950 Concern Universal   Sugar and WASH in Malawi

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