GIZ – Celebrating 50 years of German-Malawian development cooperation

I recently completed an assignment in Malawi for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a development-oriented international enterprise owned by the German Federal Government. They are currently celebrating 50 years of German-Malawian development cooperation, and as part of this they will be hosting a photo exhibition to showcase the work they are doing across a range of sectors.

You can CLICK THE IMAGE to view all 208 images in a gallery of photographs from this assignment. Usage rights may be purchased for all of these photographs, but note that ‘© Robin Wyatt’ must be stated. Prints at a wide range of sizes, as well as other products, may also be ordered.

humanitarian development GIZ germany malawi development cooperation education teacher training 57889 GIZ   Celebrating 50 years of German Malawian development cooperation

CLICK THE IMAGE to explore the gallery.

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