Postcard from Kasungu, Malawi

It’s been a while since I’ve sent you a postcard, but today I have the perfect opportunity. I’m currently on assignment in Malawi for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a development-oriented international enterprise owned by the German Federal Government. I have been capturing images for them from across the range of their development programming that’ll be shown in an upcoming exhibition to help celebrate 50 years of German-Malawian development cooperation. When working in the field, I normally find I’m constantly on the go, figuring out logistics, travelling great distances along dusty rural roads, meeting people, gathering stories… oh, and photographing, of course! It often feels like there is little room to breath.

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The village of Kalumphira in Kasungu, Malawi.

So today, while visiting Lisandwa LEA School in the village of Kalumphira in Malawi’s district of Kasungu, it was nice to find that I had time to be a little more leisurely. Today, virtually everything was in one place. The groundwork had already been done before I arrived, so I was ushered from scene to scene remarkably efficiently. What made it unusually easy for me to photograph the nutrition-related work being undertaken at this school was the fact that the children were breaking up for the long holidays that day itself. So rather than wading through hordes of excited children and having to find creative ways to keep inquisitive little ones from wandering into my shots, I found that they were all gathered under a far off tree, where exam results were being announced. How easy this work was!

All this meant I was able return to Lilongwe relatively early and prepare this postcard for you. I captured the image while walking the short distance from the school to a community member’s thatched home, where I was to photograph her listening to community radio with her children. The schoolchildren had by now been released and were mostly en route by foot to their respective homes in many different directions. I had no interest in asking the one inquisitive pair of eyes you see in the foreground to move, as her blue uniform brought a pleasing contrast to the scene. I hope you like it.

One thought on “Postcard from Kasungu, Malawi

  1. So good to hear of your amazing work – in Malawi especially!
    Keep it up Robin, and I trust good fortune attends you all the way!

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